Derailing the Blind Walk Down a Career Path

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 35.8 million people will enter the workforce this decade. Many of them are students who will graduate this summer. Following graduation, students take their first blind step toward a lifelong career. It is blind because students often ill advisedly pursue one of the first careers that interest them. Most children aspire to become an astronaut or a rock star, but these careers are demystified and the realities are exposed as the child grows older. This process must be perpetuated to the next round of career perceptions, the first time students truly consider careers. When students are granted the academic freedom to explore potential passions, they will gain both motivation and career awareness.

Schools owe it to their students to prepare them for the best possible future. Independence and flexibility can create motivation and give students an opportunity to shine. Since the students are studying what they want and how they want, it is easier to learn for the sake of learning. Students can choose a future based on true fit as opposed to initial impression while developing passion, grit, responsibility, and life skills along the way. Independent project electives can help derail the blind walk down a career path.



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